Degree Completion

Finish what you started—or start something new.

Whether you want to stay on the path you started or take an entirely new one, Moravian is committed to making finishing your degree simple, smooth, and worth it.  So you can stop saying "I should have..." and start watching doors open around you.

Complete your undergraduate degree in:

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Studio Art
  • Integrative Studies
    • With concentrations in English, History, Business, Design, and Philosophy
    • Integrative Studies is an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree that is self-designed and self-directed.

Don't see your program? Get in touch—we'll design something just for you!

You're a Degree Completion candidate if...

  • you are over 24 years of age OR
  • you have a bachelor's degree OR
  • you cannot attend school full time during the day.